Fight Back with Jay Howell

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Fight Back, 22 April 2017, Earth Day edition

April 23rd, 2017

Opening Segment

* Welcome to Earth Day 2017, and the "Rally for Science", being held around the world
Segment 1
* Fight Back Boise - rally at Capitol, second one in as many weeks that we didn't hear about and therefore couldn't counter-rally
* Slantsman estimated attendance to be 1,000, but show no full-crowd pictures.
* if it had been a grouplike the Tea Party, or the ISAA, they'd have estimated it at 300.
Segment 2
* Bill Nye on gloBULL warming vs. what real scientists say about it
* Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age
* Climate change advocates start with pre-convieved conclusions, manipulate data to prove their desired outcome.
Segment 3
* How to Fight Back - the importance of calling loca talk radio shows/writing letters to the editor
Closing Segment

* Weenie in a Hybrid