Fight Back with Jay Howell

Veterans, patriotis, conservatives…speak up, speak out, DO SOMETHING! Rock n’ Roll, lock n’ load!

Who Is Jay?

Jay is a die-hard, rock ribbed American patriot who's tired of sitting on the sidelines, watching the "A" team of so-called "conservatives" cave in, bend over backward, and trip all over themselves to give our nation away to the Commies.  To know him is to know exactly what's on his mind...and he's tired of holding his tongue.
He's a former radio and investigative reporter, who's now free of the constraints of the mainstream news media, to spout off his ideas and views with no shackles attached.  Jay is a veteran of the US Army and Army National Guard, who's service was cut short due to injury.  He's served in Europe, across the USA, and at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba.  He's an avid outdoorsman, which means he hunts and fishes, like real men do.
Jay is also a rocker...he lives and breathes rock n' roll.  He's a songwriter, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, and drum machine programmer, who wraps his conservative/patriotic message inside seriously rockin' songs!  He copyrights and publishes his original music under the name 10 Pound Test.  Give his stuff a listen, and if you like it, drop him a line...he'll be glad to tell you how to buy his CDs.
"I really got sick and tired, as a reporter, of having to treat both sides of a story with equal credibility.  90% of the time, one side is right and the other side is completely full of sh!t, and I had to give them equal respect.  If I were a liberal, I'd have been free to skew and slant every story I wrote.  But as a conservative, I was held to the strictest standards of journalistic objectivity," says Jay.  "That's why now that my commercial news career is apparently over, I'm free to tell it like it is, the way I see it, and to call the bastards what they are...Leftist bastards!  I hope together, we can fight back to save out nation, because despite the steady march to Socialist Utopian Hell of the last 30 years, America is still the freest nation ever blessed by God, and deserves our full faith and devotion.  Let's go!"
Please donate, buy my CDs, and support my sponsors.  Once I get to where I can support myself with the show, I'll be glad to leave my day job and really drop the hammer!"